Ladies Group Ministry

BPMC’s Ladies Group is a group meant for senior ladies, especially for the homemakers.  Recently, we are delighted to have a few younger ladies joining us in the Ladies Group, thereby adding new energy into the group.  May our Lord build up their willingness to serve Him.

The activities of the Ladies Group are planned based on the themes stipulated by CAC Woman’s Society of Christian Service, with both internally-oriented and externally-oriented thematic objectives.  The ladies benefit greatly through the sharing of pastors, speakers and testimonies from the sisters-in-Christ.

The monthly gatherings include thematic talks, orientations, family seminars, movie screenings, TCM and Western Medicine health talks, regional missionary updates, prayer groups & etc

To serve is an act of gratitude towards our Heavenly Father.  Loving God, loving church, loving family, loving all people are the mottos of the Ladies Group.  These are the objectives which Ladies Group Ministry perseveres to uphold.