English Youth Ministry (WOW DG)

Time: 9am – 10.30am

*Y7-9 meets alternate Sunday Afternoons from 1-330pm at 496 2nd floor

Venue: 496 2nd floor Classrooms & St Francis Methodist School 2nd floor Classrooms

WOW caters to students and NS guys, mainly in the 13-23 years old. Our ministry has established itself as a gospel-centred ministry journeying with the postmodern youth in their search for Jesus Christ.  We have 20 adult and student leaders nurturing 110 youths every Sunday in Discipleship Groups (DG) and in our youth service.

Our mission statement IDARE:

Influence lives to follow Jesus Christ (Discipleship)

Delight the Lord in praise & worship (Worship)

Acknowledge God by serving Him wholeheartedly (Ministry)

Reach Youths for Christ (Outreach)

Encourage all to love and serve in unity (Fellowship)