Cell Group Ministry

Cell Groups were established on August 30, 1998. After two years of consideration and prayers, 24 members willingly took up the leadership role of cell groups, thereby establishing the cell groups by territories.

Cell Groups have greatly enhanced the relationship amongst our brothers and sisters-in-Christ, just as quoted in Psalms, “How Good and pleasant it is when brothers (and sisters) live together in unity!”

As the church continues to grow in size, it has become more challenging for the pastors and a few of our church leaders to care for the increasing numbers of church members. Cell Group hence provides a good alternative to meet the church urgent demands in this area.  Although it cannot satisfy every single church member’s needs, it greatly enhances the church’s role in shepherding.

Cell Groups provides guidance in the spiritual growth of our brothers and sisters-in-Christ, allowing us to spur each other on amidst our personal lives, and even beyond our own personal boundaries.  As such, Cell Group is an ideal environment to nurture a faithful Christian, allowing one to grow and to breakthrough spiritually.

In the years to come, we pray for God’s continuous guidance in leading the Cell Group Ministry to fully complement the church in its mission to serve God as a holistic and healthily growing church.  Let Cell Group be an effective avenue of God in reaching out to more people and blessing others with God’s love.