Sunday School (children mandarin)

BPMC’s Children Education Ministry officially setup the Sunday School in the 80s, followed by combining the Children’s Worship Service with Children’s Sunday Service into one.  By deploying the best 2-in-1 method, we nurture the children with spiritual education, bible studies and encourage them to learn to serve God since young, thereby strengthening the sense of unity and belonging, and to be loyal to Christ and His Church.  

BPMC Sunday School was subsequently upgraded to become a full-scale Education Centre in 2006. The Hokkien Service was also officially set up to be a class that is taught using Hokkien as the teaching medium, and it is directly attached to BPMC Education Centre.

BPMC Education Centre Goals:  Focused on Christian education and to uphold The Way.  With the advancement of technology, the Education Centre will explore how it can contribute its positive values in terms of human welfare.  In the areas of education ministry, we will apply “online learning” in phases to reach out to the public, creating more awareness about our Almighty Creator – Our one and only true God.