Zone 1 (Mandarin)

In 2001, BPMC adopted Bukit Panjang Zone 5 (presently known as “Cashew Zone 1”) as the target region for our social service ministry.  The staff of Resident’s Lounge of Blk 142 helped to enable BPMC with a foothold to initiate our relationship with the residents there.  As a result, some pre-believers began to come to BPMC for worship service ever since 2005.  

Activities at the Resident’s Lounge of Blk 142 includes tea time, chit-chat, sharing and chess sessions. We also held festive programs such as Mid-Autumn Festival, Dumpling Festival and Christmas Carols & etc.  We hope that through more programs such as flower arrangement, Chinese New Year decorations and mooncake making activities, we will be able to attract more residents to participate in our activities.  

Our hope is to spread The Gospel to Cashew Zone 1 through our social service ministry work which also comes with love, care and concerns for the residents there.