Lishi Worship Service Mandarin

Sunday 1130am Lishi Worship@ the Sanctuary

The name “Lishi” (i.e. to set up the stones) originated from Joshua 4.  “Lishi” symbolises God’s will to have the Israelites pick up 12 stones from the middle of Jordan, set those stones up as a memorial of how God led the Israelites to the promised land, and let the Israelites be the testimony of God’s great redemption and power.

With this in mind, Lishi Worship strives to be God’s testimony for His grace for us, through the contemporary worship model.  Furthermore, Lishi aims to lead others to know Jesus, to embrace them as the Lord’s disciples, and to equip them to serve in our church, our community and the world ¬¬  all to glorify God’s name.

Mission and Objectives

Mission: To instil a deeper understanding of God into youths; to help young Christians establish a holistic life of fellowship in the church community.

Objective: To establish a worship service which gives glory to God, leads others to God and serves as disciples of God.