Cell Group Ministry English

Cell Groups were established on August 30, 1998. After two years of consideration and prayers, 24 members willingly took up the leadership role of cell groups, thereby establishing the cell groups by territories.

Cell Groups have greatly enhanced the relationship amongst our brothers and sisters-in-Christ, just as quoted in Psalms, “How Good and pleasant it is when brothers (and sisters) live together in unity!”

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Chinese Youth Ministry

A platform for youths from ages 13 to 25 to grow personally & spiritually through a Christian community which strives to provide a variety of opportunities and experiences to draw youths into active, responsible participation in the life, mission, and work of the faith community.

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English Youth Ministry (WOW)

Time: 9am – 10.30am

*Y7-9 meets alternate Sunday Afternoons from 1-330pm at 2nd floor, the Sanctuary.

Venue: above the Sanctuary, 2nd floor & St Francis Methodist Classrooms, 2nd floor

WOW caters to students and NS guys, mainly in the 13-23 years old. Our ministry has established itself as a gospel-centred ministry journeying with the postmodern youth in their search for Jesus Christ.  We have 20 adult and student leaders nurturing 110 youths every Sunday in Discipleship Groups (DG) and in our youth service.

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FangZhou Worship Service

Vision: To inherit the Jesus’ mission and to renew the faith of His disciples. To accept and support one another in God's love, establish the body of Christ, and give glory to God.

Objective: We hope to reach out to the Chinese immigrants, through spreading the gospel of Christ, witnessing God’s amazing grace, and equipping them to be disciples. We look forward to leading more of them to salvation. 

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Hokkien Worship Service

Sunday 1130am Hokkien Worship @ TTC Level 1 MPH

Our Hokkien Worship service has indeed been a solid testimony of God for 70 long years. In recent years, God has revived the ministry of the Hokkien service, paving a broad and far-reaching path filled with opportunities for BPMC to share the Gospel, making our evangelistic work more encompassing.

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Ladies Group Ministry English

BPMC’s Ladies Group is a group meant for senior ladies, especially for the homemakers.  Recently, we are delighted to have a few younger ladies joining us in the Ladies Group, thereby adding new energy into the group.  May our Lord build up their willingness to serve Him.

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Lishi Worship Service

The name “Lishi” (i.e. to set up the stones) originated from Joshua 4.  “Lishi” symbolises God’s will to have the Israelites pick up 12 stones from the middle of Jordan, set those stones up as a memorial of how God led the Israelites to the promised land, and let the Israelites be the testimony of God’s great redemption and power.

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Mandarin Worship Service

As such, the Church theme for next year shall be “Each One Bring One”.

Sunday 1030am Mandarin Sunday School @ TTC Conference Room 1 & 2, Level 4

With the increasing population, the Mandarin Sunday School has expanded from the basement classroom to the Christian Education Centre on the 1st floor, to provide ample room for children’s worship.  We pray that our children will learn to revere our Lord through our Sunday School teaching, to work as a team through fellowship, to be Christ-like as disciples of Jesus, and to serve God in various ministries, thereby achieving our ministry in evangelism.

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Saturday English worship Service

Saturday 430pm worship service @ the Sanctuary

Our first service of every weekend, the Saturday 4.30pm Service is a contemporary style service for those who prefer an alternate timing to Sunday mornings. There's also fellowship after service every week over some light refreshments before heading out for dinner! Come and join this small but warm community where connection with God and with each other is valued above all.

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Seniors’ Group

Time: 11-1230pm

Venue:  @ St Francis Classroom Level 2

Our seniors (55 years and above) enjoy alternating weeks of Bible studies and mental/physical exercise each month. We reserve the occasional 5th week for special talks on medical or legal issues relating to aging. These activities present great opportunities to connect with God and grow in community.

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Sunday English worship Service

Sunday 9am worship service @ the Sanctuary

Our morning service starts at 9am with tea/coffee and refreshments after that, giving an opportunity to make new friends and catch up with others! Do join us at the Terrace for some fellowship time.  Thereafter, you can join the Men’s group or Ladies’ group for a time of Bible study and prayer while the children (Nursery to P6) can join the Sunday school and the youth to the youth (WOW) service at 11am on the 2nd floor of the Sanctuary.

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Sunday School (Mandarin)

BPMC’s Children Education Ministry officially setup the Sunday School in the 80s, followed by combining the Children’s Worship Service with Children’s Sunday Service into one.  By deploying the best 2-in-1 method, we nurture the children with spiritual education, bible studies and encourage them to learn to serve God since young, thereby strengthening the sense of unity and belonging, and to be loyal to Christ and His Church.  

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Sunday School (English)

Time: 9-1030am (except Holy Communion Sundays, we end at 10am)

Venue: 2nd floor classrooms above the Sanctuary. We meet at the WOW hall. 

Open to all from 4-12 years old!

Based on Isaiah 37:31, the vision of Sunday School is “Every Child Rooted in God’s Word.” 

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Young Adults Ministry (YA)

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Zone 1 (Mandarin)

In 2001, BPMC adopted Bukit Panjang Zone 5 (presently known as “Cashew Zone 1”) as the target region for our social service ministry.  The staff of Resident’s Lounge of Blk 142 helped to enable BPMC with a foothold to initiate our relationship with the residents there.  As a result, some pre-believers began to come to BPMC for worship service ever since 2005.  

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